Made in Honduras

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Made in Honduras was a video-documentary made with the purpose of making visible some sides of the world of work in the maquiladora industry of Honduras. It shows the face of the exploitation, in which thousands of young workers, mostly women, join factories to see their workforce quickly worn out by the intensity of work and long working hours.

In this scenario, we find that precarious wages, flexibilization of working hours, extended working hours to 12 hours a day, employer harassment, temporary contracts and predatory anti-unionism, are sources of premature wear, both physical and psychological, of the maquila workers.

On the other hand, counter to the exploitation and in response to it, a collective testimony is carried out headed by women workers, which narrates the decisive motivation to fight organized, and dignify the working life of women and men workers of Honduras.

In this scenario, the long experience of struggle that women have headed in the maquiladora industry of Honduras is shown, making clear that in this way, the working life has more strength and reason than the barbarism and death that capitalism generates.

The women who share their testimony are a window into the deep density of the Honduran people in struggle. The main objective of this site is to spread the struggle of the maquila workers in Honduras. The video Made in Honduras is presented, so that any person or organization, anywhere in the world, can know a little about the long struggle of the maquila workers.

While the major corporate brands spread their “benevolent image” throughout the world, this documentary seeks to run counter to the barbarism that these transnational corporations have put on the agenda, while showing dignity with which the Honduran workers in the maquila have resisted capital’s unbridled thirst for expanding their profits.

We hope that this collective material will accompany the organizational strengthening of the maquila workers in Honduras, Central America and Mexico, as well as workers from Latin America and the world. We hope it will work as a fighting tool in every corner of the planet.

Mateo Crossa Niell
Was born in Mexico City on June 14,1986. He has a degree in Social Psychology from the Autonomous Metropolitan University and is currently completing a Master’s Degree in the Graduate Program in Latin American Studies from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. His career is characterized by the accompaniment of vulnerable groups and social sectors throughout Latin America, particularly, in Mexico and Central America.
He has wide experience in research on human rights and labor issues, which is why he has performed academic field work and collaborated with several institutions and associations that contribute to the political and economic empowerment of civil society.
In this journey, he has found in the area of audiovisual production, a fundamental tool to make visible, influence, and contribute to the transformation of the contradictory reality in which many sectors of workers are bound to live in poor conditions.

OPUS Comunicación
…is a space of collaborative meeting. In it, the will to work and the spirit of service are added to the creativity of a transdisciplinary group that seeks to transcend the value of the human aspect, in the social projects in which it participates.

With 5 years working along the democratization of the media, they move with the concern of accompanying construction processes in favor of a more fair, equitable and solidary society through video, photo and design.

It complements it’s photographic and audiovisual work with the support and experience of Opus Comunicación Integral S. de R.L. de C.V., producing company with 10 years of existence.

Organizaciones Involucradas


Central General de Trabajadores



Centro de Derechos de la Mujer.

The CDM is a feminist, autonomous, critical, purposeful organization that promotes the strengthening of autonomy, justice, the exercise and enjoyment of rights, citizenship and gender equality for women.



Equipo de Monitoreo Independiente de Honduras.

The EMIH is a non-profit organization that emerges as an initiative oriented to promoting a culture of compliance with national and international legislation, in the maquiladora companies and other companies dedicated to the export.



Red de Solidaridad de la Maquila. 

RSM is a women’s and labor rights organization that supports the efforts of women and men workers in global supply chains, to earn higher wages and obtain better working conditions and greater respect for their rights.



Colectiva de Mujeres Hondureñas

Feminist, popular, autonomous, grassroots organization. They work a comprehensive systematic process on women human rights in violence matter due to their gender and labor violence, with emphasis on occupational health, as well as sexual and reproductive health rights with a feminist political vision.


Festivals and Press


With the intention of bringing our vision on the subject, by providing information without any profit, we invite you to watch, share and download our documentary in any of its resolutions.

Help us spread this story. If you can, and/or want to organize an exhibition, a show or you know of any other place where this story can be told, contact us. We are already thankful for that!

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